Saturday, October 27, 2007

We are in Puebla

OH my god, this is insane.

I have just found 5 minutes, a computer and access to the Internet all at the same time.

Things are going great. We started dead last, engine size and all, but by the end of the first day we moved up to 71st. Luca is driving so well.

It is so crazy here, all in a good way. The schedule is nonstop, really. We get a few hours sleep and might get one meal a day.

The cars are amazing!!!!!! So many different kinds, so many different classes.

There were 10 crashes the first day. I´m not sure about today yet. Drivers have broken bones, nothing more. There are a few cars totaled.

People are shocked at how well our car does and how well we are driving. Pat on the back or not, Luca and I both think we are doing really well. The next engine closest to us is over twice the size, and we fly by them on the speed stages.

You can track all the cars by the GPS tacking system they have put in all the cars. Go to

Sorry for the broken sentences and bad spelling ... it's all a blur now. Got to run.

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TR Knoblauch said...

I just saw they moved up 21 places yesterday!!! 42nd overall. 3rd in class!!! This is against Big block fords, Chevies, Mercedes etc. An incredible feat! 600cc (bored & stroked) against 4500+cc.
Go Stacy & Luca!!!