Monday, November 5, 2007

Home at last

We made it home. This has been the trip of a lifetime. The stories are endless — every person on every day had incredible stories. Over time, I will do my best to tell some of them.

I am sooooo glad it is only a seven-day race. We could have done another day. We ran every day on about five hours sleep, one meal a day and a pace that was brutal. All that aside, we are so pleased with the car: It was the hit of the race. We started the race dead last - based on engine size — and we finished 59th out of 100 cars that started the race. This is a great thing!!!!

The car closest to us was almost twice our size. The average engine size was about five times ours (we have 65 horsepower). We were the joke of the race at the beginning. No one could believe we were in the race. The one positive thing at the beginning was the head of the organization approached and told us that a Fiat Abarth had never been in the Carrera before, and it was his favorite car in the race. He made us promise we would not hurt the car.

By the end of the race, people wanted to buy the car. Everyone was in love with it. No one could believe how well it handled in the mountains and how fast it could go. It was crazy: We would pass Porsche 911s, Jaguars, Volvos. One day we placed 41st.

It was so much fun. It is hard to tell at the time though — between the lack of sleep, lack of food, overabundance of adrenaline and a total mob mentality — we just called it fun...and it was!!!!

I promise I will tell more stories. The crashes, the police, the broken bones — I will try to tell most of them, the good ones at least (no one died this year).

Thanks you all for your support and interest in us and the race. It has meant so much to Luca and I.


K$ said...

The Fiat WAS the hit of La Carrera but it would not have been if Stacy and Luca weren't so damn cool! Always with a smile on their faces! Stacy, please connect with me at I'm in Denver and would love to keep in contact with you guys! Kristin, 1952 Zacatecas Ford Victoria #11

Gary Faules said...

Kirstin, I have to agree with you completely. What a class act they run and I enjoyed them as much as I did you and your team.

Be sure and check out

Best regards, Gary Faules
Team CBR

monark192 said...

Congratulations on your great race and thanks for confirming it can be done in a small car. We are trying to do the same in 2008.
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