Friday, March 21, 2008

Racing in 2008

I think this is obvious to everyone who had tried to read a new blog from me in the last few months, I am a terrible blogger. Time gets away from me so easily. I am sorry.

The Mouse, the fiat, has been tucked away in the garage quietly resting after the Carrera race. We gave it and ourselves a rest from racing and repairing cars for a while.

We needed a break to be able to decide if we will race again this year of wait a year and race the Carrera again in 2009. With much debate we have decided to wait until 2009 to race the Carrera again. We will use this year to get sponsors, tweak the car in ways that will help us in 2009, and in general we relax and run races in our car club SWMS in Albuquerque. With any luck we will do other things like white water rafting, visiting family, and maybe even a vacation.

We will keep you posted with our plans and dates to race in the 2009 Carrera. We will need to get the ball rolling again by August or September for 2009.

We are just now starting to get the car ready to run a weekend race in Albuquerque. Neither of us have been in it since the Carrera. I can't wait to race it again. I love this car!

Thanks again for all your support and I promise I will keep you posted on our progress.