Wednesday, October 3, 2007

16 days

Here we go. My first blog.

When I think about the time that is left, it is actually hard to breath. Sixteen days and counting. For this endeavor, I really believe there is no sense of being finished, or even ready -- we could probably leave tomorrow, or if we had another six months, we wouldn't be ready. I've never been involved in something like this. The list of to-do's is endless, the money is not, friendships are being tested, relationships stretched, sleepless nights, and we haven't even left yet ... and this is all in the name of fun.

No matter what I say, I can't wait to go. I can't wait to drive!!!!!

If I gauged how we are doing by my stress level, I would say we are screwed. In fact, we are doing well. The list of needs and HAVE-TO-DOs is getting manageable. We really only have two or three have-to's left. We have to mount the safety nets, get the front suspension to the right stiffness, and we have to get the tires (I have to remember to get the tires), and we have to mount and set the rally computer.

It isn't really a rally computer, but is works like enough of one. Do you know that rally computers are very expensive. They do a number of thing that help you along the way with speed, distance, timing and such -- and they can run into the thousands of dollars. We have learned that a certain cycling computer will do the same thing -- or close enough that it will do what we need -- but only cost an astounding $40. This is the learning curve, and it's steep.

I need to go help. Luca is calling. He is replacing the bushings, and I am the parts cleaner and extra set of hands.

I really wanted to thank the people who have helped with either money donations or with their time and expertise. Meeting these people along the way has made this experience so much more rich and enjoyable. It has really made such a difference to us.

There are still one big thing we do need. If anyone can loan or donate them it would be fabulous:
  • We have an extra set of wheels, but we need four Sumitomo HTR 200 185/60HR13 tires.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,


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