Thursday, November 8, 2007

The aftermath

We have been back a couple of days now, and I still few like I could sleep for a week. I feel like I have Carrera PTSD. I still wake up in the middle of the night in a panic thinking I have to be in the car driving somewhere. I keep having dreams that the car broke or that I have just watched someone else drive off the mountain. Then I realize all is good and I just need a massage and a hot tub.

As the days go by and the photos come in, it's the people we met that stick with me. The cars are beautiful — don't get me wrong — but the people were amazing. I feel that these kinds of intense situations bring out people's true nature, and 90 percent of these people were the best of the best. The kindness, generosity and their ability to see the fun in the midst of chaos was truly inspiring.

I have learned that other Carrera racers have blogs with great stories and photos so, as it takes me a while to update everything, please enjoy the other blogs:

Gary - You are one of the people I am talking about. Thanks so much for writing what you did. Talk about getting choked up. You're the best!!!!


Gary Faules said...

Stacy, I meant every word. I remember that photo in the gas station very well. It was the first time I actually saw you guys and your car in person. Like many others I had only seen the photos on the La Carrera entry list but each time I recognized one of the cars it was a huge thrill. Then the convoy made it all the better as we weaved thru the south and made stops along the way. Another thing I recall is the terrific smile you always had on... It fits your beautiful personality like a glove. It was a pleasure meeting you and your husband and I wonder how many realize what a major accomplishment it really is let alone the fact that a husband and wife did it. That ranks very high in my book.

You mentioned dreams... Last night I kept waking from a deep sleep and I was all stressed out because we could not get the car to the starting grid on time because people would not get out of our road. Then I would realize it was a dream and that I was finally home and it was all behind me. The truth is, it will never be behind us. We're family now.

Gary Faules said...

PS: I know of a shop that may be able to fix that trunk lid so that it will close. ;)