Thursday, September 27, 2007

Here are the basics

A list we've put together that we'll keep updating as help comes in. Thanks — Stacy and Luca

La Carrera Panamericana 2007 supply wish list

1: Food for the weeklong trip down to the starting point and during the race itself.
  • Food, drinks and ice for the drive down.
  • Protein bars and enhanced waters to keep us going during the race.
2: Medical supplies for the race, as well as for Mexico in general.
  • A medium-size emergency kit for any medical emergencies that we might run into during the race. There will be ambulances following the race for the really serious things.
  • General medical supplies that one needs when traveling to Mexico.
3: A trailer to borrow so we can haul the racecar down to Mexico and back.
  • Four-wheel trailer at least 12 feet long.
  • Truck box that we can transport, have access to and use to lock up all of our tools and spare parts.
4: Computer equipment to borrow so we document the race along the way and send updates back home.
  • Lipstick video camera with either roll-bar or helmet mounts so we can capture all of the craziness as it happens.
  • Laptop computer to access the Internet and send video to The New Mexican Web site. We also want to do a blog while we are on the trip.
  • Technical assistance to make sure all the computer equipment works together properly, so we can report back along the way.
5: GPS system to borrow for the race.
  • We will get race-route printouts each day, but a good GPS system would make a world of difference as we speed down those unknown roads.
6: An extra set of race tires.
  • We have an extra set of wheels, but we need four Sumitomo HTR 200 185/60HR13 tires.
7: Plenty of extra oil for the race.
  • Seven gallons of Mobile 1 15/50 high-performance oil for the racecar.
8: Decals for the racecar.
  • Lettering of La Carrera Panamericana for the car.
  • Maybe a line on the best place to make stickers for our sponsors. Maybe sponsorship to help us get all the stickers made.
Please contact us about all contributions at


The race cost for both drivers and the car will be $20,000. We are investing $5,000 ourselves, plus time and all mechanical fees, and are hoping to raise $15,000 to cover the rest of the expenses. The money will be split between costs to support the team during the race and to support the car, both before and during the race — you’d be amazed at the needs of a 50-year-old racecar.

We are actively raising money for this exciting event and will share 5 percent of all sponsorship donations with the charity Best Friends, a nonprofit organization that has a “no homeless pet” philosophy. Best Friends has created a sanctuary in Utah where animals can be placed and cared for until a loving home is found, or for the rest of their lives.

Best Friends has a massive outreach program that stretches across the nation, helping humane groups, individuals and communities set up fostering, spay/neuter and animal-placement programs. Best Friends played a major role in the rescue, care and reuniting or placement of animals after hurricane Katrina. Best Friends is run and operated 100 percent by donations, and we are honored to have this opportunity to help. Please go to for more information about the organization.

Sponsorship options

We are seeking:

  • 30 sponsorships of $50: For this gift, we thank you very much.
  • 10 sponsorships of $150: For this gift, we thank you extra much.
  • Six sponsorships of $500: This gift provides the sponsor with a 10-by-2-inch logo/name sticker on the racecar, plus a team T-shirt.
  • Four sponsorships of $1,000: This gift provides the sponsor with an 18-by-3-inch logo/name sticker on the racecar, plus a team T-shirt.
  • One sponsorship of $5,000: This gift provides the sponsor with an 18-by-3-inch logo/name sticker on the racecar, as well as a sponsor patch on both drivers’ race suits and a team T-shirt. We’ll also extend an invitation to this sponsor to join us as a member of the chase crew.
Please contact us about all contributions at

Sponsorship deadlines and responsibilities
Sponsors are responsible for providing stickers and patches or a computer file of their design that we can take to our sign store. We are happy to help with this as much as possible. Please contact us about all contributions and car stickers/patches at

We sincerely thank you for your support. After the race, we will make photos and video available to anyone who asks, though we hope to be able to post everything here and on The New Mexican Web site, the proper technical assistance willing. Thanks again!

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